Hi Everyone!

My name is Coleen. As a recent graduate from McMaster University, I’ve come to realize that the majority of my academic career was spent reading beauty blogs and watching beauty vlogs.  I began to accumulate my own decent stash of beauty products, both expensive and cheap, and I quickly realized that it was bordering on obsession. I can admit, I have a problem. So when I graduated and entered the real world and the work-force, I decided that I needed to crack down and give myself a budget. There is no way I can give up this obsession, but with a job that requires a lot of travelling, and my desperate need to save some money, I’ve decided that I will limit myself to things that can be bought at Shopper’s Drug Mart. No more expensive cosmetic stores. Granted, I will venture into the Beauty Boutique section occasionally, which can get pricey, but those are only on NEED occasions (I promise).
Since I’m new to this blogging world, please cut me some slack and give me some time. I will eventually venture into the vlogging world when I find the time and decent camera. So let me know what you think!! Enjoy lovies, and start saving those Optimum Points!!

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