Getting the opinions of several people is the best when it comes to beauty products. How can you trust one person when different things work so well for different people?! Especially when it comes to hair. My sister and I have really curly hair, but if we don’t put the right products in it then it’s super frizzy and I always call it my ‘Hermione Hair’. But I swear by certain products that don’t work for my sister, and vice versa.

ME: My hair is the curliest out of the two of us. I used to think it was hard to deal with, but since I’ve found the right products it so simple! I’ve always hated straightening it and I’m super lazy. But I’ve been using the same products for almost eight years now! I love it so much. I use Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifying Cream. After I take a shower, and when my hair is still damp, I rub about a quarter size amount in my hands, then I kinda scrunch it into my hair. Thats the best word I can think of. I definitely don’t run my hands through my hair cause that breaks up the curl. I also only brush my hair about once a month, since it takes about two days to get back to my normal curls. I swear by this product. It leaves my hair soft and normal feeling, as if there are no products in it. I hate the crunchy curls that moose produces, or greasy curls you get from other products. This is my #1 HOLY GRAIL product. $25 a bottle, and it lasts me about 6 months.

MY SISTER: My sister has always had a little more trouble with her curls since they aren’t as full as mine. She usually takes the time to style her hair, which looks amazing and is always perfect. Things I couldn’t be bothered to take the time to do. But she has also always been looking for a product that she can use for a natural, non-frizzy, curly look. The Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifying Cream doesn’t work in her hair like it does in mine. And she hasn’t been able to find something until recently. The product is called Got2B Beach Trippin. Apparently it has received amazing reviews in all the magazines, and is only $3!!!!!! My sister says that her hair has never looked so good. Just a few sprays in wet hair and it dries in perfect beach curl/waves. Soft and also an amazing smell. It looks like those perfect beach waves that you see in magazines and beach advertisements.

SO if you have curly hair, or even a little bit of waves, these are two different opinions of products that work really well for different people. Some people take years to find the right products, but you never know, these may work for you. Give them a try. Happy shopping!!

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