Review – Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation


Beauty on a budget means sacrificing some of the important, yet expensive things. This includes foundation. Foundation is one of those things thats I’m not always willing to be flexible about. For years I’ve used MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation and I’ve loved it’s match to my skin tone and the even-ness that it gives me. But at $40 a bottle it was either buy a cheaper foundation, or sacrifice several other things for this one item. So alas, the MAC foundation went bye-bye.

Now being a picky foundation wearer, I had to try a few different ones before I found something that I was happy with. I know that I needed to spend less, but I wanted to get the same type of coverage that I had with my MAC foundation. My trials included: Loreal Colour Match Foundation, a hand-me down Estee Lauder powder foundation from my mom, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, and finally Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation.

I’ve mentioned before that Revlon is my favourite drugstore makeup brand. But prior to these trials of foundations I had never used a Revlon face product. My drawers are full of Revlon lipsticks and eye-things, so it was about time I ventured into the Revlon world of foundation anyways. And I was not let down. Luckily I managed to pick the perfect match for my skin tone without having the benefit of testers (only downfall to Revlon’s drugstore counter). I apply my Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation with my realtechniques brush and I am so happy with the outcome. It’s perfect coverage, even-ness, and a great match to my skin. I feel like I’m glowing when I wear it. I might even go as far as to say that at the moment I’m loving it more than my MAC studio fix fluid foundation, which I found was much thicker. Revlon Nearly Naked is very thin (something I was weary about, how to get good coverage from something so thin), but upon application it evens the skin perfectly without feeling like you’re wearing a pound of foundation.

Overall, the Revlon Nearly Naked is 100% the best drug store foundation I have tried, and under $20 a bottle. Less than half the price of the MAC foundation, and giving me better results at the moment. (And BONUS: it’s SPF 20) So get shopping!! And try the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation!!

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