The Nail Report #1


Working in the food industry is not kind on the nails. Polish is forbidden, hands are washed non-stop, and I seem to always have my hands wrist-deep in harsh sanitizers. I have the worst habit of chewing on my nails when they’re not polished (not at work of course!!!), so they’re a MESS/non-existant.

So along with my current theme of revamping my body lotion routine and taking care of my skin (see Project: New Skin), I’ve decided to start taking care of my nails as well. Today was the start of a week off work, so it was a day of massive amounts of The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector and some polish to get these suckers growing.

So, not worrying about doing a proper manicure, or about actually having attractive nails, I used two different colours to get the growing process going and having some nail fun:

– Base Coat: Essie Protein Base Coat

– Colour: O.P.I You’re Such a Budapest AND MAC Frost

– Top Coat: Essie No Chips Ahead

After a few days my nails will be good enough for a proper manicure!! Which I’m quite excited for after so many months of gross nails! My nails grow fast, but not strong. So let’s hope they hold up!!

Whats you’re favourite brand of nail polish?

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