The Nail Report #2

After a few days of painted nails and constant hand lotion it was finally time for a proper at home manicure. A whole week away from those harsh sanitizers at work! (And my next assignment postponed another week! YAY more nail time!) My nails haven’t grown a lot yet, definitely not photo worthy, but at least there is finally something to properly paint.
So for the second edition of the Nail Report:
  • Sally Hansen’s Gel Cuticle Remover – Just leave on cuticles for 2 minutes, push back cuticles, wash off, and cut any extra away! Much cleaner look.
  • Essie Protein Base Coat
  • O.P.I Feeling Hot Hot Hot (one last summer colour before I break out the autumn shades!!)
  • Essie No Chips Ahead
Finally getting somewhere! Heres to healthy nails!

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