The DIY Report – Non-Beauty

Why spend a ton of money when you can do it yourself? It kinda goes along with everything else I always talk about.  No point in spending the big bucks when there are amazing finds at much lower prices. So because this goes along with what I constantly talk about, I thought I’d share a non-beauty budgeter report – DIY Fall fashion.
I went to Club Monaco a few weeks ago and found a really cute headband for colder weather (above picture). The cold weather is coming up (sadly) and my poor little ears do get pretty frosty. But this light-weight, cotton/wool blend headband was $49!!! (huh?!). I’ll admit that I did contemplate the purchase for a while, but then reasonable me thought “psssh! I can make this myself!!” So I went home and searched, the best site to find and share knitting and crochet patterns. After searching through all the really tacky headbands, I found this great pattern! (Sylvania Headband Pattern) Not exactly the same as the Club Monaco headband, but a great alternative. So I headed to Michaels to buy the yarn and after $5.79 (and some knitting needles already at home) I had all the materials I needed. The only other thing that needed to be spent was a little time. Thats about $44 cheaper!!!
So I went at it. Just a few hours spread over 4 days and I had it complete (below picture). I chose to make it in off-white so that it contrasted my dark hair, and cause red is not my colour!! And I love it!!! I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so that I can start wearing it, and I’ve already had 3 requests from friends to make one for them too!! So be a trend setter – make you’re own headband. Another great way to save those dolla dolla bills! (imagine all the lipsticks you can buy with the money you saved!)


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