Top 5 – September


The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and my mouth is watering for the pumpkin pie that is only two weeks away. You know what this means? September is coming to an end. It’s been a bit of a hectic month for me, getting back into busy work after some vacation time, as well as attempting to find a new apartment. But of course my beauty products have helped me through it all. Here are the top 5 products of September.

5. Rimmel Stay Matte Poweder – This powder has been an amazing find. I’ve been using it for over two months now and I never want to go a day without it! Perfect finish to my face! It truly does what it says….keeping my sometimes oily face matte without re-application.

4. EOS Raspberry Pomegranate Lip Balm –  EOS has been my best friend for the past few months. I absolutely love these little balls of fun! And they’re adorable. I still might have a little giggle when I pull them out of my bag and it looks like I’m rubbing half a colourful golf ball on my lips, but the lip balm is incredibly moisturizing and I love the feel of it on my lips! The Raspberry Pomegranate may be my favourite, but the Mint as well as the Honeydew are also amazing.

3. Guerlain Terracotta –  I bought this bronzer about 5 years ago, spending a ton of money I didn’t have. I used it almost every day for a year, then kinda gave up and moved on to the next. But I just recently fell back in love with it. Its quite heavily pigmented, so just a little dab of the brush then a quick stroke across my cheeks. But the slightly shimmery bronzing powder leaves an amazingly healthy, flushed, and girly glow to my face. Perfect for this time of year as its not too pink. 

2. Maybelline Bad to the Bronze Colour Tattoo – I’ve had this little gem for a few months now, but recently took it on a work trip, and then again to Ireland, and I really enjoyed wearing it everyday. Its super easy to switch from day to night by just adding a tiny bit of black eyeshadow to the outter corners of my eyes. But I love the creamy, satiny finish of this eyeshadow. I just apply it with my fingers, so it’s super easy.

1. L’Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate Free Colour Care System Moisture Conditioner – And here it is, my favourite of the month. This conditioner is amazing. My hair has never felt better. But not only that, its the smell of this conditioner that is so amazing. It’s rosemary mint. And it seriously makes my day. I really can’t think of a better smell. There is nothing I’d rather spread through my hair than this. I wish now that I could find body wash, body lotion, etc, etc in this scent. AMAZING!!

Have you used any good products lately? Whats the best product you’ve tried this month?

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