The Big move – game plan

It’s official!! All papers are signed and cheques have been accepted. December 1st I will be moving to the big city! I can’t believe my luck with the amazing apartment: great balcony with a cool view of the airport, right beside a Whole Foods, and a Top Shop. This is going to be wonderful.

Yet I’m 100% dreading the fact that I have to pack up my entire life. So here’s the plan, my goal for the next month and a half. Donate any piece of clothing I haven’t worn in a year, throw out all the crap I keep for sentimental reasons (holy, sometimes I think I’m a pack rat), and (AND) I vow to not buy a single beauty item from now until then. I have drawers full of things that need to be used, then I can start again once I move. No point in packing it all.

So expect a lot of reviews over the next month and a half!! No more hauls. But the shopping will commence just in time for the winter season and Christmas!!

I’m so excited it’s unreal. My beauty supply/love will not suffer. I’ll just love what I already have! So stay tuned! Time to talk about the old rather than the new and get ready for city and apartment living!! :D

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