Autumn Lips


Autumn is my favourite time of year. The weather, the leaves, and the fashions. I love the darker colours, the scarves and jackets, and the return of the leather boots. But one thing I love most about the fall is that it is time to bring back the dark shades of lipstick that are unacceptable in the summer. When it comes to lipstick, I find that dark is the only way to go. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman with bold lips. So, which colours do I go for in the fall?

1. Lancome Natural Beauty Cream – neutral every day colour

2. Revlon Mink – neutral/brown colour. dark neutral for every day

3. Lancome Designer Bloom Sheen – Glossy/Shiny pink-burgundy. every day/dressy

4. Lancome Groupie Shimmer – dark red-burgundy with a slight sparkle. fun/dressy

5. Lancome Maraschino Velvet – ultimate red lips. My all-time favourite. perfect red.

6. Rimmel Bordeaux – Dark burgundy. fun/party/night

7. Topshop Depth – Dark dark purple/black. night/party

I like to wear lipstick as often as possible in the fall. But of course not every colour is acceptable for every occasion. I’m still trying to work out which colours are best for me in day-to-day fashion and life, but either way I find that there is nothing better to boost my confidence than a swipe of lipstick, creating a va-boom bold lip!!

Which lipsticks do you like in the fall/winter? Any suggestions?

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