What do you do when the TV isn’t working?


On the road again. Sitting in my hotel room, sick as a dog. Television isn’t working. Book is boring, Christmas knitting is boring….so really….what do I do? It’s times like this that I truly think I miss being a student. Long nights of readings and essays, although truthfully spending long nights reading blogs and listening to music. OH RIGHT!! That’s what I used to do……music.

It’s been awhile since I ventured into the realm of 8tracks.com. This little gem has helped me through tough times, work-load wise, friendship wise, etc. I know it might sound cheezy, but music gets me through a lot. It truly soothes my soul. So while I sit alone in my quiet, cold, hotel room….waiting for work tomorrow and taking a ton of cold medication, 8tracks.com is warming my heart.

People from all over the world have put together some truly inspiring playlists. In every style and genre of music that you can think of. Once you find a user that you really like, they’re like your music soulmate (mine is LittleLionWoman) I myself created two tracks back in the day (clnwfr). I find that nothing soothes better than music. Helps the homesick, the ill, the lonely, etc. Music has the ability to inspire and move people like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It changes everything.

So check it out. Have you ever heard of 8tracks before? Discover something new. Fall in love with music again. Fall asleep peacefully with the warmth, comfort, and security of tracks like this: InstrumentalGoosebumpsVolII

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