Black Friday/Christmas Haul at The Body Shop


This one is a bit late coming. Although the thought of Black Friday has always been absolutely terrifying to me, I must admit that The Body Shop had a pretty sweet deal. There have been many good sales both online and in stores for the Christmas season, but Black Friday was even better!! After spending $30 I got a bag of favourites, actual retail price of $130, for only $25!!!!! Half my Christmas shopping is done and I got some awesome prezzies for myself. This is why I love The Body Shop so much. And with my “Love Your Body” card I got an additional 10% off my purchase….with$15 off my next purchase!!! 

I won’t go into what I got for my friends for Christmas (don’t wanna give anything away), but I got some great things for myself as well the awesome bag of favourites.

I started off by picking out a few goodies to reach $30. I have sampled a bit of the Vitamin E line and decided to go for it. So I got myself the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser for daily cleansing with an amazingly light smell and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. I then added the Vitamin E Face Mist which I’ve been hearing a lot about lately. It is meant to instantly hydrate and give a refreshing moisture boost, and I know that it was a big hit for the London Fashion Week this year as all makeup was done by The Body Shop and after minimal makeup each model was spritzedwith this before their runway walks. And finally I finished it off with the Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment for soft hands and stronger nails. I’ve been having major dry hand issues lately so I thought this was a great buy. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet though. 

So then came the bag!! What was in this bag of goodies you ask?! Be prepared for something amazing!

1. Satsuma Body Polish: Daily gentle exfoliation and cleansing with Mediterranean satsuma extract.

2. Cranberry Joy Shower Gel: Soap-free cleansing with Cranberry extract and Community Fair Trade honey.

3. Coconut Beautifying Oil: Dry oil for body, face and hair. Moisturizes, smoothes, illuminates.

4. Body Loofa

5. Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover: With Community Fair Trade Camomile

6. Satsuma Body Butter

7. Absinthe Purifying Hand Butter: Intensely moisturizes, conceals odour and leaves hands feeling fresh. With absinthe extract and Community Fair Trade shea butter.

8. Vitamin E Moisture Cream

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