Life just got a little Fuzzier!!


Welcome home George!!

We’ve talked about adopting a cat for awhile now – but talking about it and actually doing it are two completely different things. So I finally put my foot down and we made our way to the local Animal Services this weekend. We had seen a picture of a cat named George online and we decided to go looking for him.

AND WE FOUND HIM! After searching through rooms of poor homeless kitties, we found quiet, timid, little George cowering in the back of a small cage. The poor guy was terrified – at only 3 months old, and only 3 days up for adoption, the little guy hadn’t seen many people yet. I really wish that I could have taken lots of them home, but alas that could not be. So we started all the paper work and an hour later little 3lb George was ours. And he is absolute perfection. He is better than I could have asked for. He’s a little purr-machine and he loves to lick and give kisses (ooh sandpaper tongue) and he spends his nights pouncing our feet in bed. We seemed to have lucked out with a kitten who goes directly to the litter-box. We haven’t even had to try. Good little boy. He loves his toys, loves cuddling and I LOVE HIM!!

There is no greater feeling than helping a help-less animal. There are hundreds of animals out there looking for a home – so if you are hoping/planning to get a pet please consider adoption rather than going to a pet store to buy one. The animals in the pet store are often victims of animal mills – being inbred over and over in order to pump out more animals to sell. They often have many health problems, and in the purchase of these animals you are supporting bad people, doing bad things. But adoption is different – these animals are sometimes found on streets, usually abandoned or often abused. Many are sick and need caring for, and many are just waiting and hoping for a new home – just like George. So give a deserving animal a comfortable home and a good life – they won’t know how lucky they are.


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