Top 5 – February


The shortest month of the year has come and gone, and short it was not. This extreme Canadian winter weather has wreaked havoc on all aspects of life. Fashion is replaced with warmth, makeup is avoided due to watery streaming eyes in the wind, and my 4am work schedule is that much worse. So again, for the second month in a row there has been a record number of makeup-less days. But thats okay. There are still a few things that have made it to my ‘favourites’ list for the month of February.

1. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer #3: I bought this Honey Bronzer a few weeks ago with a gift card that I had for the Body Shop. I’ve been saving the gift card for awhile since my cupboards are stocked full with Body Shop items, but I’ve also had my eye on the Honey Bronzer products for awhile now. I usually apply it with my Sephora Chubby Bronzer Brush and I absolutely love it. Just a little bit goes a long way and I can’t wait for the summer months when it makes even more of a perfect bronzing affect. 

2. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream: I’ve never used moisturizers as much as I have this winter. My face just cannot soak it in fast enough. This month I pushed aside my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel in favour of a thicker moisturizer and so far I feel that it has done the trick. Oddly I have a very sore patch of dry skin on one eyelid (hoping its not a reaction to any eyeshadows) and this cream has done well to fix the problem. Unfortunately my little sampler size of it is almost gone, so I’ll have to go use the rest of that Body Shop gift card soon.

3. Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Candle: This non-beauty item has been a great help in fighting the winter blahs’. I’ve had this candle since last Christmas and didn’t light it much. But this year I placed it on the kitchen table in our new apartment and I light it every day after work. Its such a light fresh smell, and not as sweet and a name like ‘candy apple’ may suggest. A warm little light in a cold dark apartment is such a joy.

4. No.7 Beautifully Matte Makeup Base: This product has made it on to several monthly top 5 lists and I’m positive it will continue to show up for months to come. I’ve never ever loved a primer or base product as much as this, and I’ve never felt that my foundation has looked so flawless as when I use the base, no matter which foundation I use. I used to believe that this item could only by found in Europe, but on a quick trip to Target in the states recently Sandra and I found it, and she got the last one!!! She’s been listening to me rave about it for months now and was so excited to find it!

5. L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess: I’ve been loving this mascara from the moment I got it. Such perfect definition, separation, and coverage. If I don’t put on any other makeup for the day, just a quick swipe of this makes me feel 10x better. Its been a great friend this month.

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