No Money March and the Final Haul


Today, the first day of March, marks the first of 31 days in which I will not be purchasing anything that is not a necessity. The month has been termed ‘No Money March’ aka March Madness, cause I must be mad for attempting this. I don’t think I’ve been spending too much lately, but I really want to focus on saving some money and planning for some vacations and trips in the near future. So here we go, a whole month of saving.

But of course, before I started off the month, I took the last day of February to do a little shopping. I had to go across the border into the States yesterday afternoon for work purposes, but once I was finished Sandra and I took the opportunity to spend a few hours beauty shopping. HOURS. We went to ULTA, Target and stopped by Duty Free on the way back. And here’s what I picked up:

– Trina Pink and Gold Travel Makeup Case (so cute)

– L’Oreal Infallible Blackbuster Eyeliner (Can’t wait, heard so many good reviews)

– Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter (OMG!! life complete)

– Got2B Kinkier Curl Cream (on sale at Ulta only $1.62)

– Jennifer Aniston Perfume (been looking for this for years…80ml bottle for only $35!!)

– Elf Eyebrow Kit (wanted to try for awhile now)

– NYX Wonder Pencil (nude colour for the waterline, makes eyes look bigger)

– L’Oreal Power Moisture Rush Mask (smells like heaven)

– Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet (can never have enough of these)

So starting today the madness begins. After yesterday’s haul I will not be purchasing another item (clothing, shoes, beauty products, etc) that is not a necessity and I’ll spend the month of March saving up, hopefully with a vacation booked by the end of the month! So happy shopping my friends, think of me while you’re swiping those credit cards…mine will be tucked away safely.


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