Zara Mini-Messanger Bag


I’ve been looking for a bright coloured mini-sized bag for awhile now. Something simple, and cross-body. Yet for some unknown reason, as popular as they might be this spring, I had the hardest time locating one that I truly loved. Yet stumbling into Zara on a whim with Sandra recently I discovered this little beauty and fell in love right away.

For a simple $34, this wonderful little bag is the perfect size for a few credit cards, one lipstick, and my phone. Perfect for going out and such a great colour for this time of year. These bright colours are certainly making a splash lately. From what I saw in the store the bag also came in black, which was very sleek and classy and could possibly be a further addition to my collection. Online the bag (called the ‘Zara Mini-Messanger with Metallic Fastening’) also comes in white.

Don’t you just love Zara bags?


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