Top 5 – April


It’s been such a quick month, so quick in fact that I barely even thought about beauty products let alone my top 5 favourites of the month. But of course skipping a month isn’t an option so I managed to bring together a few of the things that I’ve been using quite a bit this month and truly been enjoying.

1. The Body Shop’s Wild Rose Hand Cream: This is the perfect size for carrying in my purse and is such a lovely scent. I can thank EssieButton for my obsession with Rose. I absolutely love the scent, although a friend of mine thought I had just applied hairspray after smoothing some of this over my hands – obviously our senses are not on the same page.

2. Nyx Natural Neutral Palette: This little guy is the perfect travel size and all the basics. I spent a good chunk of this month in Winnipeg for work and seriously couldn’t have been bothered to bring a ton of makeup, which is why I love this palette for work trips. All the simple, everyday colours together in one convenient package.

3. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector: This tube has been in my clutches for a few years now and I feel that I never truly appreciated it’s potential until just recently. I’m not a huge lover of gloss, but this is the perfect amount of gloss, shine, colour and nourishment, all the while remaining quite natural. They kinda smell like vanilla, which some days I love and some days I hate. Totally worth the hefty price.

4. Bath and Body Work’s French Lavander Candle: I just picked this one up recently…as in a few days ago. But I love the scent so much that it has beat out everything else to make the top 5 list of this past month. I LOOVE lavender. I know I’ve mentioned it many times before but I have an obsession. If I could have fresh cut lavender in my house 24/7 I would. But alas, that is highly unlikely. So this candle is the next best thing. It is so fresh smelling that I feel as though I actually do have fresh cut lavender in my house. I love it!! I should have bought a bigger size.

5. American Apparel’s Bow: I recently got a hair cut that I’m not too hot about. And instead of chopping more off in order to fix it, I want to grow it out. Yet when I wear my hair down (everyday I’m not at work), I don’t feel comfortable until I pull half back. I have a few clips and can mix it up, but I wanted something funky and new. I already had a small beige bow from American Apparel, so I went and picked up a bigger one. I love it!! Its so girly, and cute! I don’t care if it seems big to the point of being silly, thats why I love it so much!!

So there you have it. What have you been loving this month?

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