Perfume VS Body Spray


I personally believe that smell is one of the strongest senses. The slightest scent has the ability to re-awaken the fondest memories, create a sense of relaxation in the most stressful moments, and add an element of that 5th sense to your personality. Some people have the everyday qualm of deciding to wear perfume or body spray, yet with a job in the food industry my dilemma is: Can you still smell sexy when you work with food?!

Lets start with a breakdown – whats the difference between perfume and body spray, and how do I choose? I find that there is a stigma attached to body spray – that is is the cheap girl’s perfume. Not true!! Even on a budget there are many pricey body sprays. I’ll admit that on body spray days I don’t feel as fancy, or as sexy, but body sprays offer a lighter scent that I don’t mind having to re-apply throughout the day. For body sprays or mists I really like a lot of the Bath and Body Works Body Mists as well as Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Mist. When it comes to perfume I like to spend the big bucks; barely breaking the bank since it only happens about once a year. For me, perfumes are usually a birthday or Christmas gift since I usually can’t justify spending $60+ on one product. The days I wear perfume are days that I spend the time to do my makeup and pick out a nice outfit. The scent makes me feel better, fancier, girlier, and even has the ability to give me more confidence. It’s a wonder what the smallest amount of scent can do. I don’t mind if no one else can smell it, but the fact that it has the ability to raise my spirits is enough for me. I wear it for myself. I have a few perfumes on my wish list (including Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber and Jo Malone Bluebell), but my favourites so far are Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, and YSL Baby Doll. I also enjoy carrying Stella McCartney Solid Perfum in my bag.

Yet after you’ve taken the time to choose your scent, it comes down to where you are going and how you will smell to those around you. And here’s where my dilemma comes in. Potent perfumes can easily be absorbed into foods; both their smell AND taste. Have you ever sprayed perfume in your mouth? (come on I know you have) GROSS!!! So if I wore perfume to work, the food I work with and around would taste like that. OH THE HORROR! Yet although perfumes are now off the table, I don’t have to put up with smelling like food all day everyday. This is where Body Sprays beat perfumes. A few mists of body spray before work allow me to carry my own light scent all day without being overpowering or compromising the food. At the end of the day I usually re-apply, bringing back the lovely personal scent that I long for, rather than the smell of food that loves to attach itself to my clothes by the end of the work day.  SO you can still smell sexy when you work with food!! No matter what people may think you don’t smell sexy when you smell like bacon! So if you work with food get out there! You actually CAN wear a scent to work. Go shopping, and make yourself feel sexy again!!


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