DIY Report : Roots Boots


I’ve struggled with a shopping conundrum recently. To buy or not to buy? That has been the question. And what am I struggling over you may ask – that would be ‘to buy or not to buy’ either Doc Martens or Blundstones. But alas, neither are on my feet, nor in my procession. Yet before I made a decision, I decided to take on a little project of my own and see what I could do with something I already had.

 A few years ago my mom handed down a pair of W Tuff Boots Tribe from Roots. They’re brown leather boots that look like seriously heavy-duty construction footwear. These boots must be about 15 years old at this point though and I thought they wouldn’t be too stylish anymore. But they are actually still one of Roots #1 selling boots! They run for about $158 dollars on their website and come in Black, Brown or can be customized. But I decided to customize my own.

 So with the boots in hand, new laces, and a tub of black cream boot polish, I went to town. I took out the original yellow/brown laces and replaced them with black. Then I covered the boots in black boot polish, leaving the W Tuff label and the ridge around the ankle. The combination of brown leather with black boot polish made for a really interesting colour. Not quite black, not quite brown. I really like it.

 This just goes to show that you don’t always need to spend the big bucks on new things. Do you have anything in your closet you don’t wear much anymore? Would you rather have a different colour? Just do it yourself! Use boot polish, fabric dye, new laces, etc. to spruce up your old and/or worn out things! Try it out! And let me know what you think. What do you think of my project?

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