The Men’s Report with Corey

This is for all the ladies out there who think that their men will never succumb to the product desire. More often than not ladies want to buy their men some products, but think they’ll never use them. Now for a lot of men this may be true, but I have managed to hit a home run on my first try. My boyfriend Corey is the last person I’d ever believe to create a daily facial routine, but after I bought him the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Moisturizer he doesn’t go a day without it! Here’s what he had to say:

Yeah what she says is true. I usually couldn’t be bothered. But I do really like this stuff. I use it every morning after my shower and I just put a little bit all over my face. The stuff feels really nice and I’ve noticed that dry patches on my nose have gone away. So it’s doing it’s job quite well. It kinda smells good too, not too strong. I never thought I’d need moisturizer or anything, but now that I’ve started I think it’s great! I guess I’d give some other Kiehl’s stuff a go as well. A friend of mine seems to really like it too!”

So there you have it! Men can love their products too. Hopefully this is a little inspiration for those who believe otherwise. Do you, your man, or your friends have any good products for men?

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