Review – Essie Millionails


If only a little bottle of nail lacquer could make me a millionaire. Well…even if not, it is possible for this little bottle of nail lacquer to make you feel like you have millionaire quality nails! The Essie Millionails is truly the most successful nail treatment that I have ever used. 

As a life-long nail bitter, I’ve always struggled to grow my nails before I bite them off. And with mandatory bare nails at work, the option of painting them to prevent my nibbling is not possible. My nails always grow out weak and start to peel in layers before I can get anywhere with them. So to get rid of the uncomfortable bendy-nail feeling I bite, bite, bite.  My discovery of the Essie Millionails is the first success I have ever experienced in the nail growing department. This clear nail treatment strengthens and protects weak and brittle nails. Even the weakest nails feel just as strong as thick acrylic nails without the price and tacky fake appearance. 

The treatment is made up of iron, amino acids and kevlar – isn’t that the same stuff bullet-proof vests are made from? They’re super nails! Impenetrable. I’ve even started using it as a base coat on the rare occasions I’m able to paint my nails. For only $9, the Essie Millionails and the results have given me more confidence due to the more feminine look of long, healthy nails. So thanks Essie! I love it. 


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