A Closer Look at Brushes



Sometimes brushes are overwhelming. Which ones do I need? What are they all used for? So many people have varying opinions on which are the best, and I’ve gotta put it out there that I’m NO expert. If it puts the makeup on my face, then I think it works! Yet of course some work better than others for certain products and purposes. Let’s take a closer look – which brushes do I love and what do I use them for?

Foundation: My choice is the RealTechniques Expert Face Brush – I’ve used other foundation brushes and sponges before, but this brush is my number one choice. Not only does the brush help me cover my whole face, it blends everything perfectly without having to go over it again later. The brushes need to be firm, but not too firm. I find a round formation is much better than flat.

Bronzer: My choice is the Sephora Classic Bronzer Brush – For bronzer, the thicker and denser the brush the better. Perfect for reaching all angles and parts of the face you’re aiming for! High cheeks, nose, forehead, etc. Can also be used for contouring, but I’m not very good with that.

Powder/Face Brush: My choice is the RealTechniques Powder Brush – This is a new addition to my stash and is wonderful. Such a big brush that covers much more of my face and is so super soft. I also sometimes use the Quo Powder Brush as well, but the bristles shed.

Eyeshadow: My choice is the Quo AllOver Eyeshadow Brush – I have them all, the small, thin, thick, big eyeshadow brushes. But my favourite is this one! It does the job in easy full sweeps of the but is also small and angled enough for creases and blending. Perfect.

Bush Brush: My choice is, you guessed it, the RealTechniques Blush Brush – Perfectly shaped to flawlessly define your cheeks. The most perfect blush brush I’ve ever used.

I have lots of other brushes, but I thought I’d give you a closer look at the main, most important brushes that I use every day. Stay tuned for ‘A Closer Look’ at the lesser used brushes. Which are you’re favourite brushes?




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