Review: The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Line



We all know I love The Body Shop. Rarely do I write a post that does not include a Body Shop item. And so today I thought I’d share with you my love for an entire line of The Body Shop’s products: the Vitamin E line.

Formulated to nourish aging skin and protect against environmental damage, this line of Body Shop products leaves skin amazingly moisturized and baby soft. Don’t call me an old lady till you’ve tried it! This definitely is not only for the aging demographic. As a tester of all other Body Shop lines, this is the only line of which I have fallen in love with each and every single item that I use. And I keep going back for more.

I started with the Vitamin E Moisture Cream (just a sample size) about a year ago after having a bad reaction to The Body Shop’s Seaweed Line. When I returned to The Body Shop to explain to them what had happened, they promised me that any irritations on my face would heal and disappear with the use of the Vitamin E line. So I gave it a shot. I proceeded to use this Moisture Cream every single morning as my day cream, and I was hooked. Soon after I got hooked on the Vitamin E Body Butter and I believe my life changed completely. When I say I love this product I’m holding back. Words cannot describe the feeling. This was used up quickly and I can’t wait to repurchase…I have to get through my other Body Butters first. I then added the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser to the collection. This cleanser effectively removes makeup without the need to use a makeup remover as well, and leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft.

Last winter, when I was struggling with dry cracked hands, I added the Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment. Knowing that the Vitamin E line was a superhero in moisture, I knew this would help me along the way! It may not repair serious damage to cracked hands (I fixed mine with medicated cream), but it certainly does prevent further damage and leaves hands and nails soft and strong.

This summer I got crazy and delved even further into the Vitamin E love. You may have already heard me talk a lot about the Vitamin E Face Mist, which has been a sunburn, air conditioning, weather beaten savouir. One spritz is an instant refresher and moisture boost, and I’ve started using it almost daily right out of the shower. Then there’s the Vitamin E Moisture Serum, which I have started using as a pre-moisturizer in my nightly routine, switching it up between this and the Aloe Protector Serum from The Body Shop. It moisturizes, smooths and protects and continues working over time for long-lasting protection. And finally, my most recent addition to the collection may be my favourite of them all (or second to the Body Butter), the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. This has been a hot new item on the shelves of the Body Shop, and works wonders! As I recently ran out of the Moisture Cream that I use daily, I returned to the Body Shop to replace it and was talked into this little guy. Instantly sold after one use. It feels like cool water on my face and the feeling is amazing. My skin instantly drinks it in for an all day, long-lasting moisture that is to die for!!

So there you have it! My Body Shop love affair with the Vitamin E line. Ever tried it?


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