Back to School Bag Essentials


One more day of Summer. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but sadly this is the reality. Tomorrow is Labour Day here in Canada, and Tuesday marks the first day of the new school year. This will be the second year that I am not returning to school….my school life came to an end in May of 2013, and as much as I’m proud to hold up my degree and never write another 20 page essay, I miss the excitement of a fresh start every September. I miss shopping for new and fresh school supplies, and the chance to be the most anal and organized person I can be. But there is an important part of back to school organization that I still bring with me to ‘back to work’ organization: the handbag/backpack beauty essentials for a day at work/school. So what do I think is important?

1. A good hand cream: The Body Shop’s Wild Rose Hand Cream

2. A good lip chap: EOS Mint Lipbalm

3. A good lip gloss: Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter

4. An emergency hair clip: J.Crew Tortoise Shell Hair Clip

5. Face powder: Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Ultra Smooth Face Powder

6. Kleenex

With these items in your arsenal, every emergency should be covered! Chapped lips, bad hair day, shiny face, dry hands – all covered with 6 simple items that fit neatly and easily into a handbag or backpack. Have a great year at school everyone!!

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