OOTD: Holding on to Summer


Dress: J.Crew

Belt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Birkenstocks

The days are starting to get a little cooler – off and on sunshine and storms. Early September and back to school time always sees a odd arrangement of summer attire mixed with autumn wear. A mix of those who wish to hang on to summer for as long as they can, and those who can’t wait for the cooler sweater weather that’s upon the horizon. So for a little shopping trip with friends this past weekend, I decided to hold tight to the final warm days of summer before I excitingly dive into my scarves and leather jacket in the up coming weeks. I’ve had this dress for years and have always had the most awkward time arranging it. I used to put t-shirts or stripped long-sleeves under it and I ended up looking like a school marm. But with a black bandeau and a belt, this dress is perfect for warm weather wanderings. 

Ps. Like my lipstick? I’m so in love with my personal lipstick from that Sephora Loves Bite event



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