Moving on My Mind


Unfortunately the time to move is upon us again. We moved to an apartment on the outskirts of Toronto last December and with that time of year and the end of our lease coming quickly we had to make a decision: do we stay or do we go? If you’ve been following my Twitter rants this past summer you’ll know that we’ve been having quite a few issues with our apartment, such as living with no A/C for the majority of the 30+ degree summer among many other things. So without much hesitation Corey and I decided it’s time to find somewhere new.

We don’t quite know where we are going or when we will be leaving. The process of hunting down GTA rentals while I’m away working has proven to be a little difficult. I feel as though I’m missing something…anyone know where I should look? Either way, moving, and the processes of moving, have been constantly on my mind for about a month now. The thought of packing it all up and unpacking it all again somewhere new…urgh! So with this in mind I’m going to be doing some household and wardrobe purges over the next few weeks/months. Keep your eye out for some sales on DEPOP in the next little while, I’ll share my account name etc. on Twitter once I have it up and running.

Even though I moved less than a year ago, I’m no good at this. Can anyone share any advice or suggestions for moving?

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