My Everyday Routine for Life on the Road


Travelling is always tricky when it comes to a makeup routine. Your daily face must fit neatly into a little zippered bag, and it’s likely that you’ll be wearing the same face for the duration of your trip. But when it comes to travelling for work, and staying in hotels more often than staying at home, you’re gonna want options and you’re gonna want to keep it simple. As you may know, travelling is part of my job. I drive back and forth across the majority of Ontario, Michigan and New York State on a regular basis – frequenting tiny towns and middle-of-nowhere’s, racking up hotel rewards points and putting a crazy amount of km’s on my car. So when you’re so busy and you’re not looking to dazzle a hip and fashionista crowd, how do you keep it simple while still getting joy out of your makeup? Here is my current everyday routine for my life on the road and how I keep it simple while giving myself options.

So to start, the face. This is a part of my current travel routine that I’m open to suggestions about. I realize that there is nothing easier than a BB or CC cream. Everything you need all in one bottle. But I’ve yet to find one that I like (suggestions?). So I use what works best for me for a flawless, simple and easy face. No7 Beautifully Mattifying Base and the ever easy Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. I find that the No7 Base is instantly pore minimizing, and the Revlon foundation is perfect for both little coverage and full coverage. No need for powders here, the mattifying base has got you covered. Simple face, two products, full or light coverage.

The cheeks? The NARS Laguna/Orgasm Duo of course. This is pretty easy to figure out right? Blush and bronzer…the best kind…together as one. Get it? Good.

And the eyes. This is where I usually keep it super simple but like to have the most options. First the eyeshadow. On a regular work day I usually don’t even wear any but I like to have the options. And then when I’m done work, of course I want eyeshadow. So I bring along a palette that has the simple ‘barely there’ nudes as well as the deeper darker matte colours that I love on a ‘non-work’ regular basis. This is the Nyx Natural Neutral Palette – 6 neutral shades in varying depth and colours perfect for the no-makeup looks, the day looks, and even the evening looks. But most work days its just eyeliner and mascara. L’Oreal’s Miss Manga mascara of course, and the eyeliner is the increasingly loved Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in trooper. I love a good pen eyeliner. Thin lines, thick lines, cat flicks, subtle waterlines this pen does it all. Tons of possibilities in one little pen. I’ve been loving a good thick cat eye lately.

So there you are. A hearty travel ensemble consisting of 6 easy to pack items yet with so many possibilities. Just remember: packing more does not necessarily give you the most options. Be smart about what you bring, and if you travel as much as me…keep it simple.

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