Top 5 – October


Well that was a quick month! With several week-long assignments away for work and last minute packing and moving, October sure has been busy. But I must say that I am finally settled and super happy in our new home – much better. It’s funny how your surroundings can change your mood so easily. I’m looking forward to several months (and hopefully years) of comfort and happiness in this place, starting with my top 5 happy picks for the month of October – a really freakin busy month.

  1. Essie Millionails – okay, come’on. You’ve heard this one from me before. An amazing product. Back at work means my hands are back into the harsh waters and sanitizers and my nails turn brittle. But after finally growing them out again, I just couldn’t bare it. So I turned to Millionails. A tough Kevlar coating for my nails has kept them long and strong.
  2. Nivea Hydro Care – with colder weather, the autumn flu, and unreliable hotel room thermostats and humidity my lips have suffered. Sorting through the plethora of products for this, I’ve been loving the Nivea Hydro Care. Partly because I don’t have to stick my finger in a pot and when you lips are this chapped sometimes tingly just hurts. This is super moisturizing and remedial.
  3. Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber – This one has been on my wishlists for years and was finally in my grasp thanks to my sister and my Birthday. Fresh, light, airy perfection. I fell in love fast with this scent.
  4. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – This goes hand in hand with the next on my list of favourites. With busy days and early mornings I’ve been reaching for these two and these two only most mornings. A swipe of the liner (cat eye or straight) can make a face look fab without another drop of makeup!
  5. L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara – and with the Tattoo Liner, just a few swipes of Miss Manga and we’re set. If I could marry makeup, Miss Manga would be my pick. I’m obsessed.

So there you have it, what have you been loving in October? Time to switch full gears, can’t get away with any summery stuff any longer. Bring on WINTER!

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