Review – Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in New York


I don’t often get the chance to paint my nails, and when I do I avoid glitter and sparkles at all costs. It’s impossible to remove and not worth the day or two that my nails will remain painted. But during the holidays I just can’t help myself. There is something about sparkle and glitter that just makes the holidays bright. The chance to make your nails look like twinkle lights just adds to the holiday cheer.

So this year I reached for my Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Cleopatra in New YorkNot only is this colour great for Christmas, but it would be my number one choice for New Year’s Eve! Black and gold is my all-time favourite colour combo, but should be everyone’s choice for a good New Year’s Eve party! Twinkle lights, snow, stars, bubbly champagne. Isn’t everything supposed to sparkle on New Year’s Eve?

I love the simplicity of the Deborah Lippmann packaging and the formula of the polish. The sparkles don’t go overboard so adding two coats of the polish doesn’t make your nails look like a craft project gone wrong. Two coats are needed since the it’s a pretty thin black. My nail’s are slightly stubby at the moment, but I truly believe that with long and well manicured nails this nail polish is one of the classiest and elegant of all the sparkle options. So get painting!! Which sparkle nail polish are you going to choose this holiday season?


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