Nightshift Nightmares


As many of you may know, I work a lot of weird hours for my job. Anywhere ranging on the 24hr spectrum is fair game. Recently I’ve kinda been a bummer with regards to being away during the holidays, but the majority of that ‘bummed-out-ness’ stems from the fact that this time I’m on graveyards. Now I can’t complain too much….it doesn’t happen often. I haven’t worked nights since April, lucky me! So when it comes to me working nightshift, I have several things I do to prepare myself cause unfortunately I don’t find it easy.

When I work nightshift it’s for a relatively short amount of time. Never much longer than 10 days in a row. So I try my best to not completely change my usual daily routine. I’m just simply changing the hours that I sleep. I know a lot of people suggest splitting up your sleep schedule and waking up to eat lunch at a still normal time, but thats not a normal sleep pattern. You’re bound to screw yourself up for awhile with that one. So I keep it simple:

– I work from 10pm – 6am so I sleep from about 7am – 3pm .

– I eat breakfast after 6am, a late lunch around 3pm, and a late dinner before my shift starts at 10pm. I don’t try to move my dinner to the early morning

– First thing I do at 3pm when I wake up is open the blinds wide. It’s the only two hours of day-light I get to see.

– I never have caffeine after my shift starts.I want my body to continue to think “holy smokes, it’s 6am! Long past bedtime”

– When switching to nights, I stay up as late as possible, then sleep as late as possible. I try not to add naps.

– Switching from nights back to days will see me a little sleep deprived, but after two days I’m back to normal.

If you’re like me and have a pretty regular sleep schedule, then make sure you stay very hydrated. You’re body will thank you. It’s gonna take a while to get over the ‘hey!! what are you doing to me’ phase. And I, unfortunately, always get really nauseous after about day two. Either way, I try to change as little as possible when I switch to nightshift. But no matter what….nightmare. Just stick it out….only 4 nights left!

Have you ever had to work the nightshift before? Any tips or tricks for this old girl?

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