2015 Plans and Resolutions


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2014 was a year full of successes in many aspects of my life. Blogging successfully, continuing in my career successfully and having a successfully happy year with family and friends. I can only hope that 2015 is as happy and successful. But for 2015 I have more self-centred and selfish plans and resolution: all focusing on myself and my personal happiness, healthiness and love for myself. These are my resolutions:

1. Love Myself: My body image is something I’ve always struggled with. I’ve never been the tiny type but have almost always believed that is the way I should be. I struggle with weight-loss, fad diets and failed workout regimes. But this year I WILL love myself, no matter what. Of course I have plans to stick to healthy eating and join a gym; to work out hard and gain back the body I had a few years ago. But I no longer wish to have a body that I know is not attainable. I just wish to love the body I have.

2. Love Fashion: Because of my constant dislike of my body or my size I often put fashion on the back burner and bring cosmetics and accessories to the fore-front. Makeup and jewellery always fit….. right? But this year I resolve to get creative, try new things, and love fashion again!

3. Love my Career: Travelling for work often drags me down. It’s not easy. I ride an emotional roller coaster when it comes to my career sometimes but when I have good days I see why I truly enjoy the career I have. In 2015 I resolve to find joy in more aspects of my job and to love my career. To be more positive about a path that my career may lead me in and what the future may hold! I do love my job.

4. Blog Every Second Day: I tried this one last year, and I didn’t succeed as often as I would have liked. 2014 was a very successful blog year, but I want better. I have many plans this year and I hope to visit some new themes and ideas for the blog. I hope to have more reader contact and interaction and hope to push myself a little more with regards to my blog.

My resolutions are simple when written in plain english but the follow through may not be simple actions. Resolutions are always a struggle and the first few weeks of January often see plans and resolutions set aside and quickly forgotten. But I have resolved to do things that are always on my mind and that I’m constantly reminding myself of, so this should be a little easier. Hard to forget things that are the building blocks of your daily ideologies.

So heres to the New Year. Happy New Year everyone. 2015. wow! I hope that you all had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and that you rung in the New Year with the ones you love. What are your plans for 2015?



  1. Great Resolutions. I hope this years is as amazing as you are. Just remember we all struggle with insecurities, but it’s how we let them affect us that is the true challenge. I wish you all the best in achieving your 4 resolutions and of course looking forward to all your new post this year!


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