Recent Non-Beauty Favourites

DSC_0147 The Winter season is always the busiest at work. Long days, early mornings, and little time for makeup and pamper. The little moments that I’ve been able to put aside for myself have been filled with relaxation and some alone-time; truthfully I just couldn’t be bothered to worry about makeup. So over the past weeks a few items have stood out and become my go-to relaxation me-time items and surprisingly they’re all non-beauty related!

My favourite of them all was a Christmas present to myself: the Sony ExtraBass Headphones that I got on sale in Staten Island. Nothing relaxes me after a long day then plugging them in and blasting my music. And to go along with the blasting music, I’ve become obsessed with an iPhone game: Hay DayCan you say nerd much?

Along with the Bath and Body Works Mason Jar Candles I’ve become quite attached to my Vera Bradley Notepad for keeping me organized, as well as my bright orange Joe Fresh Ideas notebook that I’ve turned into my own weight-loss journal. I’ve been keeping track of food, exercise and I’ve filled it full of motivation and goals. I’m hoping to show it to you guys soon, and hoping that my vigilance of tracking pays off.

And finally I’ve been reading a lot again lately and I’ve realized I’ve really missed it! I’m currently reading Ken Follett’s Winter of the World, which is the second book of the Century Trilogy. I love Ken Follett’s books! He’s a historian primarily and is an amazing fiction author. Combined, he creates amazing fictional stories that are incredibly historically accurate, just my kinda book! I highly recommend it!

So there you have it, my current non-beauty favs. Do you have any recent favourites?



  1. The Bath and Body Works Mason Jar candles are amazing! I love how they can smell a whole room and they aren’t that big. Those Sony Headphones look and sound amazing. I am looking for a real pair of headphones would you say they are a good investment?


    1. The sound quality isnt as good as Bose or Beats. But they’re great for someone who isnt an avid and regular headphone wearer. They are perfect for the amount of time I use them


      1. Good to know! I am hoping I can find the right pair for me so I love to hear what other think of the headphones they have. Thanks for replying.


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