Review – Conair True Glow


For all of those skincare lovers out there who drool over the Clarisonic but think $300 for a face brush is ridiculous, there is a solution for you! The Conair True Glow. Coming in just under $100, this little beauty has almost all the benefits of the Clarisonic without the high end brand name.

Now, to be honest, I’ve never tried the Clarisonic. So doing a comparison here would be highly inaccurate. But from reading many reviews and comparison of these two products, I’ve come to see that the only true differences that stand out is with regards to the charging dock. Other than that the Conair True Glow works in the exact same way. A sonic oscillation brush to deliver amazing results and the softest face achievable!

The device came with two different heads: one smaller head with incredibly soft bristles for the face, and one larger with coarser bristles for the body. And it’s really easy to use. Once I smooth some Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser all over my face, I wet the brush a little then use the brush to do the rest of the work. It’s got three settings: High, Medium, and Low. I would suggest starting on the low setting if you’re not used to face brushes. The brush will run for 60 seconds and will beep after every 10 seconds, an indication that you should move on to another ‘zone’ of your face. Conair gives pretty detailed instructions and suggestions on how to use the brush, including breaking the face down to 6 specific zones for cleaning (each cheek, two sides of the forehead, the nose, and chin). After a quick rinse and a return to the docking station, I’m happy to say I have the softest face ever!

So who needs to drop $300 on the big names when the little guys do the job just as well? Have you ever tried the Clarisonic or the Conair?


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