Stiletto Nails


My nails are something I’ve always liked. I have a great natural nail shape, I’m decently skilled with an emory board, and I have a steady hand with nail polish. But after going two years with rare polish occurrences and a general inability to wear nail polish, the first chance I got I went all out.

I went to Essence Beauty in Oakville Ontario and asked for Stiletto Nails; this new trend of pointy, almond shape nails that are meant to look like the thin, sharp, pointy heel of a stiletto shoe. Having only ever had acrylic nails once or twice before, I was so excited to have over-the-top, out there, attention catching talons…although also a little worried I would be able to complete the simplest of tasks due to the extra plastic inches on the end of each finger. Either way, I was so pleased with my nails, a dark grey matte stiletto nail. They didn’t really get in my way or cause any problems, and were seriously amazing head scratchers. I got countless compliments from complete strangers and for the week and a half that they lasted I felt absolutely fabulous!

Yet with interviews for new jobs lined up for this coming week, I decided to soak off the unprofessional talons. They were really fun while they lasted. Yet every time, after the soaking off process, I regret my acrylic decisions. What I have left over now are incredibly weak and thin nails all the way from my nail bed to the tips of my nails. I’ve used countless coats of Essie’s Millionails to try to strengthen the layers, but they still keep bending in the most uncomfortable of ways.

Stiletto nails: well worth the fun, but acrylic nails are never worth the aftermath. Going to take weeks to get my lovely nails back to normal, and heres hoping I can paint them whenever I want in the future!

Have you ever had stiletto nails? What are your thoughts on acrylics?



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