Review – Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette


Want fabulous, every-day, simple eyeshadow at a low price? Of course you do! Everyone does. And that’s exactly what I found in the Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Oh So Special! I may rant and rave about the NYX naturals, my other favourite everyday simple eyeshadow palette, but when this sleek and sexy palette landed in my lap I was sold! I’ve changed my ways and I’m hooked on Sleek.

The Oh So Special palette has a great assortment of colours. I didn’t pick the palette out for myself, but after looking at the other I-Divine palettes online I truly believe that this one is the best. You’ve got your subtle pinks and neutral undertone colours, as well as some darker mattes, slight sparkles, and some really harsh purples and blues to make you’re eyes pop! It’s the perfect palette for travelling and taking your makeup from day to night as quickly as possible. So simple. And the colours are some of the most easily applied and most pigmented of any other budget palette out there!

Of course the first things I did upon opening the package was toss the silly little eyeshadow applicators. I don’t understand how two pathetic sponges on the end of a stick are supposed to be the best for eyeshadow application. I prefer my MAC 217 brush. I’ll post an updated every day makeup routine soon, and you can see my love of the Sleek I-Divine Palette in action.

Unfortunately, having my palette brought over from Ireland, I’m not sure where these can be found in North America. Try Amazon? Or keep these on your shopping list for your next trip across the pond! Have you ever tried any Sleek products?


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  1. I hate that these are so hard to get for people that live in the US. I loved that I was able to see and touch the sleek palette when I went on vacation to Europe. This palette looks absolutely beautiful. Great Review!

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