My Favourite and Oldest Perfume is Solid!


And no….not because it’s so old that it’s crusted over and become one solid blob! It’s not often that one hears about solid perfumes. They don’t seem to be very popular and from my experiences browsing the fragrance section of Sephora I don’t recall seeing solid perfumes much lately.

The first Sephora haul that I can remember was as a young 15 year old desperately in need of beauty help and lessons. I believe it was still the time of white eyeliners, shimmery eyeshadow, and foundations that didn’t quite match my skin tones. I was on a school trip to Paris, and I didn’t know what to buy….I just knew I had to buy something (the struggles of a sheltered 15 year old away from home with money in her pocket). I remember picking up a Sephora brand lip gloss that smelled horrible and was not my colour, a Lacoste Pink Perfume that I wore everyday for a good few years, and a Stella McCartney Stella in Two Amber solid perfume. For years I didn’t touch it….I didn’t know how to use a solid perfume. But every once in a while I’d just give it a good long smell. Heaven. It’s hard to explain…..a subtle, comforting smell. Amber, rose, musk. Some say it smells Grandma-y, and maybe it does. But the smell is absolute comfort to me.

Now, a few years later, I have come to realize that the ‘Stella in Two’ was actually meant to be bought in two. Stella in Two Peony Perfume, along with the Stella in Two Amber solid perfume to be worn together. But I don’t care. And after years of not touching the perfume, I’ve rediscovered my love of it and can’t believe I haven’t been using it. The solid perfume is so personal. The smell is comforting, yet sexy. I rub my thumb in the perfume, then rub it along my wrists, my throat, and my neck near my ears. The perfume stays really close to the skin, so those around you may not get a whiff. It’s a perfume just for you. It lasts quite a bit longer than liquid perfumes in my opinion; I catch the smell briefly all throughout the day. Swoon!

Have you ever tried a solid perfume before? What other brands are out there? Maybe I should do some solid perfume research .


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