Versus: Lip Care


For the next round of ‘Versus’ I’ve decided to bring lip care head to head. There are so many different formula’s out there and so many different companies telling you so many different things. Some say shea is best, some vouch for vitamin a b c d e f g, and some just try to reel you in with fancy round or cubed packaging but don’t really do anything for your lips. Now is the time to get it right! The harsh Canadian winter wreaks havoc on exposed skin and for many (like myself) the weather has driven us to the sun filled warmer climes of the south. So what’s the best to care for those lips?

You always need to find the lip care that gets deep down moisture; forget about tints or scents. For the best daily care I turn to Blistex, both the regular blue pot as well as the pink daily conditioning pot. Both are deep moisturizing and are able to heal the damage already done. Feel the burn. Now before the damage is even done I like to moisturize on a regular basis with the Nivea HyrdaSource lip balm, as well as Burts Bees. The Nivea is super moisturizing…this is what I keep at my desk. And the Burts Bees is a minty beeswax based lip balm that sure To keep them lips soft.

Now here’s where a little colour can work in your favour. The Vaseline Rose tinted lip balm is….the bomb!! Petroleum jelly is amazing for any rashes or skin ailments, and this includes chapped lips!! Vaseline is amazing for lips and this beauty comes tinted in the most perfect soft glossy pink. Just a subtle tint of colour for highly nourished lips!

So what stands out above all in the lip care battle? Of course it depends on your lip needs, but in my opinion the clear winner to protect and heal chapped, dry and sore lips is the Blistex Daily Conditioning treatment (the pink pot). I’ll never give this baby up! (Although I’ve misplaced mine and couldn’t find it to photograph)

What are you favourite lip care items?


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  1. Great post! I swear by my Burt’s Bees lip balm it serious starts working right away and makes my lips feel 100% better. I have yet to try the Nivea Hydrocare line yet. I might have to look into them.


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