The Benefits and Uses of Argan Oil


Everyone can use a little help when it comes to their skin. Whether you’re looking to heal a rash, banish some blemishes, or soothe dry skin, there is always something new needing to be fixed, especially with the changing of seasons. Many people like to use one product for each issue, but I’m here to make your life a little easier. One product for it all – I’m talking about Argan Oil.

I’ve been using Argan Oil as a skin moisturizer for about a year now in the form of Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil. I don’t use it on a daily basis, since I have pretty normal skin when it comes to moisture balance, but on those rough days when I have dry patches or just feel a little dry I like to pat on the oil. But what other ways can you use Argan Oil and what are the benefits?

Skin:  Argan Oil, like I mentioned, works wonders on the skin. Although it’s an all-natural substance it’s rich with Vitamin E and fatty acids which are able to give your skin a natural, healthy, boost. As the oil sinks in it works with the natural oils in your skin to rebalance and rehydrate. It is also amazing for healing scabs, burns, stretch marks, chapped lips and cracked feet.

Hair: Like many other oils, Argan Oil is an amazing hair conditioner. The idea of conditioning is to moisturize your hair, so if Argan Oil works so well to balance your skins natural oils, it does the exact same in your hair. Great for split ends or throughout your whole head – scalp to tips. I like to use a tiny drop to de-frizz and shine my hair once I’m done styling.

Nails: Cuticle care…need I say more? Dab a little bit of this on your nails and massage it well into your cuticles on a regular basis and you’ll have well nourished, strong nail growth!

There are many many different brands that sell Argan Oil products or pure Argan Oil itself. Both are great – shampoo with Argan Oil, body scrub with Argan Oil – you can find it all. It may seem like a recent fad, but the stuff truly works. It shines, moisturizes, and heals for a youthful glow! How do you use Argan Oil?

Thanks to Ana from About Argan Oil for requesting this post! Hope it was helpful! (Picture from


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