My Favourite Post-Workout Smoothie

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.55.17 PM

Is so incredibly easy it’s ridiculous. I’m not one for big blenders or juicers or adding ‘infusion of this’ or ‘seed of that’. Give me something tasty in, like, four ingredients or less please. The easiest part of it all is I use my ‘Magic Bullet’. You make it and drink it all in the same cup! Easy cleanup.

I start with a big handful of spinach – not really any specific measurement. Some like more some like less. Then I add one frozen banana. Then two tablespoons of peanut butter (you can use regular or all natural. I prefer all natural for smoothies because it’s runny – smoothies thicken up with the banana and thick regular pb is too thick in the end for me). Now depending on my workout and the intensity/what I’ve eaten for the day, I usually like to add a scoop of protein powder to turn my smoothie into a post-workout meal. I use Poliquin ‘Whey Stronger 2.0’ Natural Vanilla. Then I fill the cup with vanilla almond milk (and/or milk, water, etc). Don’t be alarmed by the bright green colour! Give it a taste.


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