The Game Changing Gloss


My name is Coleen…and I’m a lipstick addict. I’m not ashamed to admit it; I’ve fallen deep down into the depths of lipstick nirvana and I love it. Yet for someone who has such a strong love of lipstick, I have an equally as strong loathe of lip gloss. The sticky, shiny, wet-lip look that traps your hair in the slightest gust of wind and makes it look like you’d slide right off your beau with the slightest kiss. Yes, I know thats quite descriptive but I’m serious. I hate it.

I have a few semi-glosses that I’m a fan off, but I wouldn’t quite put them into the gloss category. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered a game changer. A lip lacquer that I can’t stop using, and can’t help but loving. And there is no denying that this is in the gloss category. It’s the new Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in the shade Petalite, and it may have officially shaken up my 23 year long lipstick/lip gloss debacle.

Similar to the Ultra HD Lipsticks, this new lip lacquer consists of Revlon’s revolutionary wax-free gel formula, which allows for high impact shine with a lightweight feel. It’s not heavy and sticky like most gloss formula’s and with a small brush applicator it is quite buildable – thin layers for a subtle shine or thicker layers for more colour. I find that the usual doffer lip gloss applicators don’t allow for that much play. After application I use my finger to pat it in a bit to lessening the shine, but the initial shine isn’t that wet glossy look that I dislike so much. The shade Petalite is my perfect natural lip shade with a hint of pink for the Spring weather. I think I’ll be wearing this on a daily bases for quite a few months. I’m in love!

What are you thoughts on the lipstick/lip gloss debate?


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