Lipstick and L’Attitude is 2!


Lipstick and L’Attitude is 2 years old! Happy Birthday!

What started out as my little space to muse about my love of beauty has turned into something much bigger then I ever expected. And seriously, I ain’t that big here. I must not have had very high hopes. But two years later, I’m very surprised (and a little impressed) that this blog has become something that I take pride in, something I work my hardest at, and something that I have stuck with.

There are ups and downs; days I struggle with the writing, the pictures, the content. There are even a few days where I want to give up. But I always bring myself back to the big picture: this is mine. My own. Something I write for myself and something that people don’t have expectations of me for. And if they do have expectations….I don’t care. I’m my own blogboss. (#blogboss).

I’m so excited to move forward with my blog – and am expecting year 3 to bring some exciting things. I’ll be bringing exciting new topics, some fresh new pictures, and a little something something from me and Revlon (been waiting 6 months for this!). Within the next month, once I get my sh*t together, I’ll be hosting my very first “Lipstick and L’Attitude’s Favourites Giveaway” to share my favourite and most talked about products with you!! Stay tuned, stay tuned, stay tuned.

And thank you, everyone, for always being here and supporting me in this little endeavor. 39450734432217051214


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