My Favourite Travel Destinations


Anyone who travels has a favourite destination. Whether it’s the tourist-y attractions that pull you in, or simply just the memories you made there; there are certain places around the world that, once mentioned, you’ll yearn to return to. There are some such destinations for me, and I’m hoping to add many more in the near future.

I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to travel to 32 different countries on 3 continents. The majority of these travels were with my amazing family and my super adventurous parents. But I’ve also travelled for study, to visit foreign friends, and to visit family all around the globe.  As much as some of these were absolutely amazing locations, I sometimes feel that I was too young to fully appreciate what these destinations had to offer at the time. After studying art and architecture for four years, and being the person I have now become, I feel like I must return in order to place these on the top of my list once again. These are places like Athens, Istanbul, Russia and many more. But in my more appreciative years, these have been my favourite travel destinations.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand


I was in Chiang Mai for a week full of some of the most amazing, enlightening, and beautifully spiritual experiences of my life. Climbing mountains to be blessed by monks, spending afternoons lounging with tigers, and riding elephants through the jungle – these were just a few of the awesome things I did during my week. I felt that I really understood life; the peacefulness and beauty. Although the next few weeks in Thailand were an extremely different experience in Bangkok.

2. Prague, Czec Republic

DSC_0097I spent a few days in Prague before taking a train to Vienna with a small group studying art in the 12th grade. Having been to many many parts of Europe before I didn’t really have very high expectations, but Prague hit me with some history and beauty that I’d never seen before and am hard pressed to find again. I wish I had spent more time in this amazingly beautiful city and hope to return one day.

3. Kinsale, Ireland

DSC_0901I’ve been to Kinsale many many times. Visiting family in Ireland every few years brought me to Kinsale often. And now that my sister lives in Ireland (only an hour away from Kinsale), I go back any chance I get. Ireland as a whole is beautiful and astounds me, but something about Kinsale just makes me happy.

4. Scotland – I’ve never been to Scotland for a trip before, but was there for rather unfortunate circumstances. 2006 saw a liquid  bomb threat at Heathrow airport on the same day I arrived…..cancelling future flights from all surrounding airports for the foreseeable future, and ruining my family’s plans for a cruise leaving from Denmark the next day. Long story short, a taxi was called and we drove to Scotland…yes, from London to Edinburgh. But through that 4am drive, as the sun rose, we found ourselves in the most amazing Scotland scenery and I felt there was no reason to ever be stressed again – shit happens. I don’t know where we were, I don’t have pictures, but I dream of that place regularly and would love to find myself back there.

Traveling is the best way to find yourself. The best way to learn about the world. And is full of the most amazing finds. I love new adventures and hope to find myself lost in an adventure again some time soon. Where are your favourite travel destinations?


* All pictures taken by Coleen 


  1. I’m heading to Thailand in a few months and am especially excited about Chiang Mai. Do you have a blog about your time there? I’d love to hear what you liked most.
    I’d also like to know what you liked least about Bangkok – I’m only planning to spend a couple days there because I suspect it won’t be my fav location either.
    Keep writing!


    1. I started blogging about a month after returning but never wrote a blog about my time there. I loved the village temples in Chaing Mai as well as the night street markets. The food was amazing in all little restaurants. Maesa Elephant Camp was fabulous. Bangkok was a great experience, but it’s crowded, dirty, and run down. Thanks for reading

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