Happy Canada Day and July Goals

Happy Canada Day (yesterday) everyone! I don’t often show my patriotism, but I truly am a very proud Canadian. I can rave about this travel destination and that, but when it comes down to it there is no place I’d rather live than Canada. And sometimes the most beautiful places are right here at home. I love Canada – Happy 148th Birthday.
As I sat on a quiet train feeling a little under the weather from last nights celebrations, I took one of those rare and dream-like moments to take a look at my life lately. You’ve read it all in my ‘Life Lately’ posts, but living it has gotten me caught up in a crazy whirlwind and I feel I rarely get time to breathe. The days are long and busy, I know, and there’s not much I can do about that. But going forward I want to take a little more time to breathe. I want to spend more time with the ones I love, spend more free time at home, communicate better with friends abroad, and stress less about work and money.
After a spendy June, I think it’s about time to tighten the purse strings and spend a whole month saving (sigh, it’s hard to be an adult). I’m making future plans, but also trying to enjoy the here and now. Time to balance out my life, appreciate the little things, breathe deep, and enjoy my life! I live in this beautiful country, and I’m happy.

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