Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick


I’ve found my ultimate daily lipstick – and I’m actually serious this time. The most perfect shade for every occasion that is so ME it’s unreal. And I didn’t even pick it out! It was given to me by a relative who didn’t like it after one use. Sigh…if only more things in like could work out that well.

It’s the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina and it’s absolutely fabulous! It applies quite wet, but nourishing, and dries really quickly to stay all day as a dry, matte, nourishing lip stain. I love the formula! Being a stain yet nourishing at the same time always seemed like an impossible feat to achieve. But Stila has done it! I don’t use a liner on a daily basis, but this liquid lipstick could probably use it. It has the slight habit of sliding out of the lines a little bit. But a liner to keep it in place makes it last all day. I’m not exaggerating…I’ve tested it. No applications required through eating and drinking!!

Patina is a deep primrose shade that is the perfect combination of plums and pinks. I’ve found that primrose-y plumy pinks are definitely my colour- looking much better on my skin tone than pinks, reds, or plums on their own. And luckily these are not hard to find since my drawers are overflowing with similar shades from various brands. But none have wow-ed me like Stila’s Patina. I see some repurchasing happening in the near future.

What is your favourite lipstick of all time?


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