My Summer Bases


Summer brings the hope of a tan and the fear of a burn. Keepin is on our toes all the time, aren’t ya sunshine? So with my skin getting a glowy hue and in need of some necessary protection I usually change up my foundations and bases for the summer months to make life a little easier.

The first base that I love using during the summer months is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in the shade 103 True Ivory. I started using this one a few years ago, and sadly found that I’d bought it in a shade or two too dark. But saving it for my summer days, it’s the perfect match for tanned me! I love how this foundation has a slight shimmer to brighten the face as well, to really catch the sunshine in a naturally highlighting way. It’s the perfect summer glow and has a great coverage and stay power. Bit in love at the moment, as I am at the beginning of every summer that I return to this trusty base.

The second summer base is the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with SPF 35 for daily sun protection. I don’t wear an SPF daily (save your comments, I know) but I like a little tan on my face. But for those days I know I’m going to be outside and in the sun for a long time, I turn to a base that has SPF in it. I love how simple this BB cream is and how smooth it feels on my face. Granted, it doesn’t quite stay all day, so I sometimes bring it with and quickly find a mirror to reapply with my fingers. No problem! It’s quick and easy protection and coverage! Love it.

What do you like to use specifically in the summer?


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