Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer


While my pasty skin can burn quite easily and turn as red as a lobster, it doesn’t seem to be able to tan very well. That golden brown warmth that everyone so proudly carries around each summer….yeah….I don’t get that. I may move from one pasty shade to the next, but I’m not the tanning type. I’ve also never been the type for the fake tans. The tanning beds, spray tans, or even DIY tans at home. But this year I decided to dip my toes in a give it a little bit of a try. I’m starting out extremely safe here folks.

I decided to try the Jergens Natural Glow. It’s a tinted body moisturizer that lasts and is meant to gradually create a noticeable difference with natural looking colour. Unlike tinted moisturizers for your face, this lotion is meant to stick around. I thought this was safe. No need for gloves, or worrying about streaking or getting it all over my clothes.

I used the product for about three days before I saw a difference. And I was quite impressed. It does a good job in replacing my daily moisturizer, and gives a slight daily glow. And about three days in I started to see a difference in my skin tone before I even applied for the day! Results! Now, I did say you don’t have to worry about streaks – I was wrong. It’s definitely not as pronounced as self-tanner streaks, but you do need to make sure you rub it in quite well and don’t miss spots. The tops of my hands and feet look kinda white in comparison to my arms and legs, and my ankles are a bit splotchy.

The only issue that I had with this product was that it really clogged my pores. I’m not one to experience many breakouts anywhere but my face, but after about a week of using this lotion I had tiny irritating pimples on my shoulders and chest. I knew it had to be this product. So I laid off it for a few days, cleared it all up, and I’ll go back at it with a trial and error type of plan. Maybe less is more and I need to be more patient with results? Anyways, I’d give the product a thumbs up.

What do you like to use to tan at home?


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