Things I Want My Kids to Know

The contouring, airbrushing, incredibly unnatural world we live in can sometimes get out of hand. Body shaming, self hate – they’re all terms that are heard much too often and they don’t seem to be worrying anyone. Yet I find, on a regular basis, I stop in my tracks, taken aback at the way people view themselves today and the pressures our society has put on us.

I myself admittedly have always had issues loving myself. But how can you be surprise? Look at what I’ve watched on TV and read in magazines while growing up. I’ve too often believed that I need to look a certain way, or act a certain way, and I’ve struggled and gone through great lengths to do so. I often have these existential revelations and berate myself for thinking this way and end up determined to love myself exactly the way I am – but when I walk down the street as a 24 year old professional and still get looked up and down with a judging eye I feel horrible about myself, even when they may just be admiring my shoes or have no thoughts about me at all.

Yet, on the rare occasions that the internet does something right, I find that I can be uplifted and my doubts, fears and worries can be turned around. The internet needs to do a better job of bringing these things to the forefront, but when I see videos like the one below I realize:

1. I’m beautiful

2. Other people think that too

3. I’m myself. It’s different and that’s okay

4. I can do anything I want.

These are the videos, words, and images that need to go viral. Not a video of a panda bear sneezing or people hurting themselves. Now if only everyone else can think these things about themselves then maybe we’ll be happier and the world will be a move positive place.Take a look – I know it’s an older video but it says the things that are important NOW. You’re beautiful, and you shouldn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks.

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