Reviews Revisited


Over the past two years of blogging I’ve written many rants and raves in the form of product reviews. Mostly good, a few bad, but as my style and tastes change over the years, so do my hopes and desires for my beauty products. There are a few products that I’ve mentioned in the past as either loving or hating and since reviewing them I’ve grown to feel differently towards them. There are a few that I hated that I’ll use now, or a few I raved about that I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. So I thought it was about time to revisit some of my reviewed products and let you know how my thoughts have changes since their reviews.

Burt’s Bees Rose Water and Glycerin Toner – You can see my initial review of the product here. I stand by my initial review with regards to how great this product feels on my face and how heavenly it smells. I used the product daily for about two weeks before I reviewed it, so it was two good weeks. But upon further use I found that my face would be really greasy the next morning and I even broke out all over my face. With a little trial and error, thinking that it was maybe another product, I found this to be the culprit so I stopped using it. I’ve tried to go back a few times, only to have an instant break out that takes a few days to get in check. The bottle has now returned to the depths of unused products under my sink…..and probably will not see the light of day again.

I.C.O.N India Curling Cream – Surprisingly my review of the I.C.O.N India curling products still remains one of my most read blog posts, which you can see here. Initially I complained about the smell and the lack of results I got from the products, specifically saying that it helped to enhance the bottom half of my hair but frizzed up the top. I’ve had some frizz issues lately and in desperation tried this one again. It has actually turned into my go-to for the humid days as it seems to keep everything a little more tame. I’ve increased the amount I use from about a dime size to a quarter, so that might make a difference too.

Seche Vite – The top coat that dries any nail polish within a minute was reviewed here. I still love that fact and although I’ve had some second thoughts I’ll still choose this if I’m in a hurry. But the more and more I use the product the less it seems to work as anything but a nail dryer. My nails may dry quick, but they’ll also chip quicker than any other top coat, which is surprising since at first my polish lasted longer while user this. The top coat peels away from the colour and leaves a big mess. And the top coat changes the colour of your nail polish! Makes it seem a little more murky…little less vibrant. I’ve shoved it to the back of the drawer and moved on to something else. Back to be patient for nail drying.

I’ll be that most bloggers who write a review (whether positive or negative) about a product feel differently after a certain amount of time. Although you test the product out for quite a while before sitting down to voice your opinions, they change. I don’t like the same shoes I wore last summer… how am I expected to still be attached to a product that I liked?

What are some products that you’ve revisited and have had some changing opinions on?


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