Planning a Wedding? Let the Government Help…..


It’s the midst of wedding season. Are you thinking about planning your own? Why not let the Government of Ontario help? Yes, you read that right. The government….

Now when it comes to the government (any government really) I’d consider myself ashamedly uninformed, yet on the border of cynicism. It’s always easier to joke about things you don’t fully understand….am I right? Well, the Government of Ontario is no exception, but with a recent foray into wedding planning in a July 29 news release I just couldn’t help but laugh, scoff, guffaw, if you will. Of course I had to take a closer look.

Wedding planning includes many things that Pinterest doesn’t tell you in the exciting wedding sections. These are things such as applying for a wedding license…..yes you need a license to get married. Once you dive further into the news release on the Service Ontario site it’s obvious the Government is simply looking to inform and remind the brides- and grooms-to-be of all necessary paper work, licenses, and certificates needed in order to get married. Yet they’ve taken it upon themselves to help you plan your wedding with regards to these aspects (insert Coleen’s raised eyebrow here….) In the middle of all the technical jargon, they think it’s imperative to give you some exciting and important information:


Oh Em Gee That’s so exciting! And is all the information I need to plan my wedding. I couldn’t have continued without that information, thanks so much Ontario…..

Why pay for a professional wedding planner? Just ask the government!


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