What Remains of the Summer Bucket List


As much as it pains me to say, there isn’t much of summer left. Before you know it the kiddos will be back to school, your bright summer mornings will start off a little darker, and the lush green leaves will start to turn. So it’s time to make the most of these last few weeks. Time to do all the things that will make the summer memorable and finish off your summer bucket list! Here are a few things that I still need to cross off my list before the sun sets on my summer.

  1. Toronto’s CNE – (August 21 – September 7) Want to skip the crowds and snag yourself a cheaper ticket? Try the little known “After-Hours Ticket”, and still have the chance to experience the amazing foods and fun of the Ex. Although I grew up in the GTA, I had never been to the CNE until last year and it’s on the list for a must-do this year.
  2. Camping – Whether you head up north or somewhere far from the lights and sounds of the city, or simply pitch the tent in your backyard, camping is one of my favourite summer activities. I may not seem like the kind of girl who’s willing to rough it, but a good four day camping trip with no cell reception and no showers sounds great to me! No makeup! Campfires, flame cooked food, fishing, swimming, etc. I love it all. Time to start planning a weekend in the tent.
  3. Drive-In Movie – Another summer activity I hadn’t tried until last summer! I love the late summer nights with the windows open sitting in my own little mini theatre – my car! My only problem is finding a time where they show movies I want to see. I like going to Drive-In 5 in Oakville since it’s closer to where I live but they’re also offering outdoor movies in Yorkville for the month of September!
  4. Patio Drinks – Hemingway’s, The Distillery District or Kensington Market. That’s all I have to say. You’re missing out if you’ve never spent a summer night in any of these hot spots.

What do you still want to do before summer is over?! It seems to go by so fast…..before we know it the snow will be back!


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