Degree Dryspray Antiperspirant


I’ve always been a stick kinda person when it comes to deodorant and antiperspirant. And by the way, yes, everyone sweats and everyone needs to wear deodorant. If you think you don’t, everyone around you is just too nice to tell you the truth….but you do. Anyways, yes, a stick sort of person. My sister lives in Europe and always visits home with aerosol cans of antiperspirant or roller balls and I cringe at the thought of them.

Yet with aerosol spray antiperspirants entering the local drug stores and gaining popularity of course I had to give it a go. These were my thoughts:

Day one I sprayed what I assumed would be the proper amount only to be self-conscious of my smell for the rest of the day and the following days I sprayed so much I choked in a cloud of aerosol. But when you find the right amount, it’s actually quite nice. It truly is a dry spray and is completely dry within seconds. Perfectly safe to slip on a black tshirt right away, I can’t say that about many other deodorants. I had to change up my habit of putting my deodorant on after getting dressed, as the spray is a little difficult to fit under my shirt….but that was an easy fix. It smelled great too! I got the Fresh Energy scent and it was great during the spring time and early summer. My only issue would be that for the price, the can didn’t last very long. I finished it up in about a month….much quicker than my favourite sticks.

I’ve returned to the world of sticks, but I wouldn’t be opposed to giving the aerosol’s another go. What are your thoughts on aerosol vs stick antiperspirant and deodorants? Should I try the Dove or stick with Degree?


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